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sheep at farm barn cafe

Our Animals

Venture outdoors down past the gate and you'll find some very cute animals that call the Farm Barn cafe home.

The farm animals provide so much entertainment while at the cafe. You can hand feed our farmyard animals and, of course, they provide great photo opportunities. There is something unique about being able to hand feed and pet Daisy, our super gorgeous deer.


There’s also Gerty the goat, Sass and a handful of very friendly sheep that enjoy a pat and a treat from little hands. You might also get lucky and spot the cafe dog Mia, who is just as friendly as the rest of the animals.

Meet the Farm Squad

gert the goat eating cabbage

Gert the Goat

Loves her own vocals, and can be heard as soon as she sees you coming.

sass the sheep eating out of a hand

Sass the Sheep

Look out for those loose shoelaces, as she loves a wee nibble.

daisy the deer being nosey

Daisy the Deer

Her gorgeous big lashes and curious character is not shy of your camera lense.

mia the cafe dog sitting

Mia the Madam

The Queen of the cafe at the top of the hill. 

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