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Our Menu

We pride ourselves on having full control over the production of our food and drink; from homemade yoghurt, relishes, jams, and fruit purée to the dressing for salads – we like to make those final touches to our homely menu. 

We also sell the fabulous Fairlie Bakehouse pies from our friends down the road to curb those cravings you have mid road trip. 

Our Menu

Savoury scone, muffin, cinnamon scroll $5


Piece of cake of the day $6.5

Cheese rolls $2.5

Bacon and eggs on toast $17.00 – until 11:00am
GF bread available additional $4.00


Bacon, cream cheese, pesto bagel $16.00


BLT bagel $17.00

add fried egg extra $2.50


Beef chili Nachos (gf)

served with cream cheese and cheese $17.00


Soup of the day

served with bread (gf bread available) $15.00


Seafood chowder

served with bread $18.90


Homemade bacon and egg pie $9.50
with salads and homemade relish $18.50


Homemade sausage roll $9.50
with salads and homemade relish $18.50


Leek, spinach, feta quiche $9.50
with salad and homemade relish $18.50


Salmon quiche $9.50
with salad and homemade relish $18.50


Gluten-free chicken, brie and cranberry parcel $9.50
with salad and cranberry relish $18.50


Panini smoked chicken with brie, spiced apricot sauce and spinach $14.00
with salad and homemade relish $23.00


Toasted Sandwich – Two fillings $8.50
Ham, chicken, cheese, onion, pineapple, mustard
(Additional fillings $0.50c)


One side salad of the day $9

*GF bread available – additional $4


All our food can be altered depending on your dietary requirements.

Everything can also be made takeaway - just ask!

We love reusable cups (please just make sure they are clean) or buy one of our instore and get a free coffee. 

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