Breakfast muesli with natural yoghurt and berry compote $10.00

Bacon and eggs on toast $12.00 – until 11:30am


Fresh club ham sandwich $7.00

Fresh club chicken sandwich $7.00

Cheese rolls $2.50

Fresh muffin or scone $4.50


Toasted bagels with one topping $7.00 additional toppings $1.00

peanut butter, homemade jam, honey, cream cheese


Bacon and cream cheese, pesto bagel $10.00

BLT bagel $12.00 add fried egg $14.00

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel $14.00


Fairlie Bakehouse Pie $8.50 with Salad $16.50

Homemade bacon and egg pie $8.50 with salad $16.50

Sausage roll $9.00 with salad $17.00

Beef chili Nachos $10.00


Salmon quiche $9.00 with salad $17.00

Leek, spinach, feta quiche $8.00 with salad $16.00


Soup of the day, served with fresh bread $13.50

Seafood chowder, served with fresh bread $16.00


Toasted Paninis:

Ham, cheese, tomato, onion, pineapple and spinach $10.50

with salad $17.50


Smoked chicken, brie, spiced apricot sauce and spinach $10.50

with salad $17.50


Roast Vege, sundried tomato, pesto, feta and spinach $10.50

with salad $17.50


Toasted Sandwich:

Served on brown bread or white bread. Two fillings $7.00 additional fillings 50cents


Smoked chicken salad $17.00

Green salad + salads of the day $12.00

One salad of the day $8.00